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Behind the Music of Breanne Peters

Personal Profile

“I breathe waiata, waiata flows through me, my wairua. Hā ki roto, hā ki waho.

My journey has been wild. My music has grown to become something so big and uncontrollable, so unique and full of depth. My energy, translated into ancient frequencies. My soul has so much to express. Every note I play, I play with complete intention and love. My waiata is about feeling, when people listen to my music I want them to feel something, feel movement in the their bodies energy, feel the emotions of lost bottled memories, see colours dancing in the air, reminisce about childhood moments that were forgotten, remember their roots. The words tell the story but a song is so much more than the words, it’s the careful placement of each and every frequency. Since my ancestors called me home, my waiata has mostly been inspired by the revival of my culture and the expression of my DNA, my language te reo Māori and taonga pūoro are great features of my waiata. They connect me to my tipuna and my unborn mokopuna.


Feel my music, my wairua, my energy.

Allow for your body to respond to the healing frequencies I have weaved into my art and creations.”

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